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Positive example needed
October 2015


In recent editions of the Kapiti News I have been disconcerted by the slanging match developing between Mr Bolton and CR Gaylor. It is alarming indeed to find that we in Otaki are represented by someone who would consider using her position to address members of the public during meetings and in local media for personal reasons. Her letter to the editor as published on October 7th 2015 would seem to be just one occasion amongst others that she has behaved poorly towards a constituent she claims to represent. As a ward member for Otaki, and a representative on the Otaki Community Board I would think that CR Gaylor would serve us better by exhibiting a higher standard of leadership. It would also behove her to rise above petty noise of a so called "minority" and consider the type of message she encourages with these public rebuttals. If CR Gaylor wishes to receive the ongoing support of Otaki Community she would do well to consider this point from Proverbs 1:15-16 "do not go along with them, do not set foot on their paths; for their feet rush into sin, they are swift to shed blood". In other words Set a higher standard for public communication and lead by positive example.

Hambley Ferguson

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