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Women more successful at chasing their dreams
September 2015

Leading life insurer and retirement savings provider, AMP, has revealed that women are more successful at chasing their dreams (95% vs 80%) and more likely to pursue a dream or significant goal (76% vs 71%) than males.

These findings come as AMP reminds people they have only 10 days until the 2015 Scholarship applications close on September 18, which aim to help talented, passionate and determined Kiwis who are ready to do their thing.

One of the reasons women highlighted as contributing to their success was perseverance and determination, with 81% stating that was the key reason they were successful. This was followed by hard work (64%), time (36%) and family support (34%).

In comparison, 72% of men said hard work helped them succeed, followed by perseverance (71%) and time (36%). Only 29% thought the support of their families helped them achieve success.

Jeff Ruscoe, Chief Customer Officer, at AMP says: "While hard work is important when wanting to achieve your dream, it's clearly perseverance and determination which are the secrets to success.

"We're proud to be able to help men and women, young and old, to further their dreams and can't wait to meet this year's dream-makers.

"Whether it's a community project, a business idea, a passion for underwater creatures, education or a dream to represent New Zealand at the next Olympics AMP encourages inspirational individuals from all walks of life to apply," concludes Ruscoe.

Interestingly, of those whose goals didn't work out, 30% more women said the main reason was down to lack of access to finance (80% vs 50%). Lack of time was another statistic significantly higher for the women (50%) compared to men (32%).

However more females (81%) than men (70%) said "any age" is the ideal age to achieve a dream something AMP agrees with, having set no age limit to their AMP Scholarship applications.

The survey also revealed men held more regret than women if they didn't pursue a dream (38% vs 25%). However more women said fear and insecurity held them back (34% compared to 28%).

Both men and women were traditional in their approach saying they would source funds to achieve their dream from a bank (both at 60%), but nearly double the amount of men said they would pursue funds from crowd funding (25% vs 13%).

Interestingly more than 70% of both sexes thought $10,000 would definitely get them started on a successful journey towards their dreams.

The AMP Scholarship programme is one of the largest scholarship funds of its kind. Over the last 17 years it has provided over $2 million to help more than 160 Kiwis achieve and do their thing. So, there's nothing stopping you from applying - whatever your thing is and wherever you are in achieving it, AMP wants to hear from you!

Applications for the 2015 AMP Scholarships close on 18 September 2015 apply today! For more information, and to apply online, visit

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