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Legal Highs controversy continues
July 2015

Community issues campaigner Dale Evans says KCDC has got it all wrong for allowing the sale of 'legal high' drugs in Kapiti.

"What they have done is show a lack of leadership and have left our young people even more vulnerable while at the same time making the drug dealers very happy," said Mr Evans.

"Council had a chance to protect the community by showing some leadership and courage and they showed neither of these. It is shameful that council would abandon its core responsibility in this way."

Mr Evans said the council has hidden behind legislation which they say forces them to allow these drugs to be sold in the community.

"That is nonsense. All they had to do is say we won't facilitate the sale of these dangerous drugs and throw it back to the government. Make a stand and show that they really care about the people of Kapiti."

Mr Evans says it is important the people of Kapiti know which councillors voted to allow the sale of these dangerous drugs and he has produced a poster and flyer that will be distributed throughout Kapiti.

Mary Jane Peters (added 207 weeks ago)
You experts need to read the legislation. If you had any intelligence you would know the options are restrict or have it everywhere
Dave (added 212 weeks ago)
good onya Dale
Elaine Bryant (added 212 weeks ago)
Dale Evans represents the community view far more that the council does on this. Knowing which councillors decide to allow this poison will be helpful at the next election.
J Walters (added 212 weeks ago)
Well said Mr Evans. The council listened to the community they would never allow these drugs to be sold.
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