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Better Kapiti says amalgamation offers significant benefits for Kapiti residents
December 2014
Basil Morrison of the Local Government Commission makes the announcement of the amalgamation that proposes a Great Wellington City

"Many Kapiti residents and businesses will welcome an informed and rational debate on restructuring the Wellington Region as was recommended in the report of the Local Government Commission released yesterday," the chair of Better Kapiti, Guy Weaver, said.

"This week's report of roading priorities underscores the value of a region-wide decision-making process. Sadly though, the other 'biggie', water services, won't enjoy the same advantages under the current fractured and siloed structure. Until Kapiti joins with the rest of the region our water services will continue to be a problem, despite recent efforts to resolve the ongoing issues," he said.

"Kapiti is too small and does not have the critical mass to properly achieve its potential. Until we partner in a formal and non-partisan way with our neighbors, Coast residents will continue to suffer second rate services and decisions - such as the LIM coastal erosion fiasco, mismanaged cost over-runs, like the aquatic centre, questionable environmental decisions, like the Waikanae River recharge, multii-million edifice construction under the guise of repairs and upgrade and heavy-handed treatment of residents innocently trimming a few trees on their properties," he said.

Guy Weaver said Better Kapiti supports reforms that allow greater transparency and accountability to ratepayers.

"This is a once in a generation opportunity to explore the potential of cooperation and inclusiveness. Better Kapiti urges residents to participate in the debate about the shape of our governance with open minds. We know the instinct is to preserve the status quo because it feels safe and familiar.

"Better Kapiti says the status quo is not delivering the best quality we deserve or expect. Therefore, we ask the community to consider thinking outside the square and exploring the possible. We are a growing community and we need to utilise the best cost-effective brains, to ensure Kapiti maximises its opportunities and strengths and becomes the best place to live, work and play in our region." Guy Weaver said.

Good on you Mr Weaver for getting the ball rolling, but I for one along with many others who have lived here on the Kapiti Coast all my life don't quite see it that way.
In the 70's the Kapiti Borough Council was formed.

One reason for this formation was for the people of Paraparaumu and Paekakariki to have more say, and to see that their rates money was being used in the area that they lived in..
In 1989 the formation (as we know it today) of the Kapiti Coast District Council took place.
This included Waikanae and Otaki, a logical decision I think when we look at the topography of our landscape.
But the one thing for me that stands out from everything else is the lifestyle that is why most people choose to live here.
Better Kapiti Mr Weaver, stands for all about business, growth and money from my perspective. It may bring some more jobs, but not the real jobs that are needed the most, and although I support some growth, it needs to be sustainable growth, not rampant growth that some would like to see.
More people equals more services and infrastructure, and more pressure on our delicate environment.
Please Mr Weaver, don't use weasel words to entice people into thinking your way will make it the best place to live, work and play. If people cannot find what they want here on the Kapiti Coast, then they only have to travel a short distance to the city of Wellington and surrounding areas to find. Let us stay and remain somewhat unique from the city life.
Greater transparency and accountability will become worse under amalgamation. It's the same old story, the bigger you get, the more disorganised you become. Cooperation and inclusiveness is already happening between councils at a level which gives each council their own thoughts, ideas and recommendations from ratepayers perspective.
Mr Weaver you need to take on board a saying that captains of a sailing ship use, "Steady as she goes."

Graeme, Kapiti resident

Graeme (added 286 weeks ago)
Charles, clear the mist from your glasses and have a look what is happening in Auckland. Its all very well to hear these so called entrepreneurs rambling on and putting a spin on everything to make it all look glossy and rosy but it will end up costing you more and the people of Kapiti will have know say. If you think the bureaucracy within KCDC is bad now, wait till we become all one, it will be 100 times worse.
Andrew (added 286 weeks ago)
Pleased to see the debate started and some intelligent discussion going on. Would be a real bonus for Kapiti if we didnt have to have the current CEO running the place into the ground.
Charles (added 286 weeks ago)
I agree with Mr Weaver. I can not see how Kapiti would be worse off but I can see how we would be a lot better off under amalgamation. Charles Raumati
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