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Greater Wellington eyes public transport issues for Kapiti
October 2014
Kapiti councillor Jackie Elliott and Greater Wellington transport portfolio leader Paul Swain are on the Coastlands site where the new Bus stop and shelter will be constructed.

Transport portfolio leader Paul Swain of Greater Wellington Regional Council recently conducted a series of public transport meetings throughout Kapiti to hear local concerns and suggestions.

Cr Swain, along with Kapiti's GW representative Nigel Wilson, and KCDC Councillor Jackie Elliott, discussed issues with locals ranging from the Raumati Railway Station proposal through to bus routes in Otaki.

Cr Swain said the full day visit was very helpful and the direct feedback from Kapiti residents and organisations was very valuable.

Discussions were held early with the Raumati Railway Station Action Group who presented the politicians with an indepth survey of potential passenger numbers should the station go ahead. It was a comprehensive survey and challenges many of the passenger number assumptions previously considered.

Next up was a visit to the site of a new bus stop and shelter at Coastlands. Cr Elliott has been instrumental in bringing this about after very productive discussions with Coastlands and the various agencies involved. It is expected the new enlarged and modernised shelter will be officially opened in the next few weeks.

Crs Swain and Wilson were welcomed to the Winara Village in Waikanae where a large crowd of residents had assembled to discuss the desirability of a bus service on the eastern side of Waikanae. Cr Swain said he was very impressed by the presentation.
"It was very clear the residents had done their homework and their historical knowledge will be very helpful." Cr Swain said the issues raised would be considered by the Regional Council's public transport division.

Parking around the Waikanae Station is another complex and vexing issue considered by the councillors and Cr Swain was shown the sites of some options for additional parking.

In Otaki Crs Swain, Wilson and Elliott were joined by the Otaki Community Board and local councillor Penny Gaylor where a presentation was given on issues such as bus stops in Otaki, alternative bus routes and a discussion was had regarding the Capital Connection train service and other potential rail options.

"It certainly gave us plenty of food for thought," said Cr Swain. "It was a hugely valuable exercise and I think this will be a template for transport discussions across the region."

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