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Party list fails to impress
July 2014
Otaki Labour candidate Rob McCann and family - Kapiti locals

Rob McCann, Labour's candidate for Otaki responded to the news that Nathan Guy had moved up the National Party list ranking to a safe position.

"Despite the botched botulism and factory farming cruelty scandals damaging our exports, despite Snapper-Gate and despite being absent from his electorate, Mr Guy is being rewarded by National. It's a prize for towing the party line in lieu of representing our community, so the ranking ensures Mr Guy's spot in parliament is safe, even if he loses the seat."

Mr McCann lives in Otaihanga with his partner Jo and children, Robbie and Oliver. He chose not to be on the party list when he was selected as a candidate last year.
"This electorate is our home and we want it to thrive. My kids go to school here and I have chosen to stand as an electorate-only MP. Your MP should live in the electorate they represent, and if elected I pledge to remain living in my community. We need a local representative who takes regional issues seriously. Someone who will work closely with our local councils, Iwi, business sectors and community groups. Our region deserves an MP who cares about local people and issues."

Graeme (added 258 weeks ago)
Good luck with the campaign Rob, its going to be a hard one to convince the cannon fodder out there currently supporting the Nats, but it will be a case of the usual, they will all wake up when its too late.
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