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Problem solved
May 2014

Dear Editor

A complaint of a broken footpath in Stuart St, Levin has resulted in all berm trees felled, new footpaths and drive run-ups completely redone, and also new street lighting. None of the above work was planned or funds allocated in the last year's annual plan budget.
But it does not end there; 3 days after the last piece of concrete was laid the engineers were there to inspect the work and lo and behold the one problem that the street did have had not been addressed (Flooding on the corner into Argyle Street) so, their best remedy was to get out the cans of spray-paint to show the next lot of workers where to cut the brand new concrete. The total revamp of Stuart Street is still ongoing - watch that space. A fantastic precedent for all other problems to be remedied. It's now looking good for Lindsay Road. Anyone else got a problem that they want sorted out?

K S Thomson

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