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Petition launched to save Kiosk
March 2014
Community campaigner Dale Evans received a positive response at the Paraparaumu Beach Market

Community campaigner Dale Evans has launched a petition to save the Kiosk at Paraparaumu Beach.
A KCDC staff report to the Paraparaumu/Raumati Community Board last week recommended: That the Paraparaumu/Raumati Community Board recommends to Council that the fire damaged kiosk at MacLean Park be demolished. It also recommended that the pond area occupied by the kiosk should be filled to become open space and a seating area.
Many members of the public spoke strongly in favour of keeping the kiosk.
The meeting decided to give the kiosk a six week reprieve to guage public feedback.
Mr Evans says the public feedback is already obvious.
'The kiosk is used as a Police base manned by Grey Power volunteers. These volunteers were not consulted by council and nor was the community at large."
Mr Evans says having the kiosk and the volunteers present offers a sense of security for the children and families who use the facilities there.
"Council want to remove this and instead they should maximise its potential. The Kiosk could also be used for other facilities such as ticketing for Kapiti Island, Information Centre regarding the Paraparaumu Beach area, and of course for Community events."
Mr Evans says the public response to the petition has been very positive.
"It is very clear the people want to keep their Kiosk. It is very important that Council listens to the community," he says.

Simon and Angela Claridge (added 277 weeks ago)
As relative newcomers to the area with wee ones enjoying the park, this visible community police presence was something we particularly noted as a big plus.
gayle (added 278 weeks ago)
I bet if it was part of their kingdom it would be saved.....
David G (added 279 weeks ago)
The bloody council should be sacked. Dale Evans is onto it here. The kiosk is not councils, it belongs to the people. Save it.
Mary Allen (added 280 weeks ago)
I agree the kiosk should be saved. It is part of the beach area and adds a lot of value and could be used for a lots more as well.
John (added 280 weeks ago)
This is good news that people are out there trying to save our kiosk from Council bullies
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