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Community have had their say
November 2013


First of all I would like to congratulate all those candidates that were successful in being elected on Council and Community Boards.

One would hope that a new direction will take place for the betterment of the Kapiti Rate Payer ie decision making.

The past needs to be left behind and move forward with more accountability, where Rate Payers do not have to accommodate mistakes made. We need those who were elected to stand by their promises and get this Council running like it should be. One would be to curb the ever increasing debt from the past Council. Those who were elected should not be afraid of speaking their minds for the right reasons. If it means fronting Staff and CEO, this has to happen. Considering the Community voted them in for changes, Councillors are there to represent the whole of the Community. Councillors need to be reminded that they cannot bow down to Staff and CEO and should be accountable for their actions.

It has been said many times to me from other Councils in the area, that with our decision making and the way we operate eg process, we have becoming a laughing stock whereby - "she'll be right" attitude - with any decision made at the Rate Payers expense.

The new Mayor and Deputy Mayor need to be decisive in their actions and lead from the front, not rely on CEO and Staff.

The Community will be closely watching as to what eventuates in the future. Debt, LIM Report, PDP, Water Meters and the like. It is a worry when you see elderly having to move from the area due to rates etc then to have water meters etc occurring. Lets be more proactive in a positive way for Kapiti where the Community can see openness and democracy working to their betterment.

I for one, if I see this happening will support Council and Community Boards in their endeavours.

Dale Evans
Community Minded/ The peoples voice/ Rate payer

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