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Nominations open for selecting Labourís candidate in the Otaki electorate
October 2013
Peter Foster stood as the Labour candidate for Otaki in 2010. Nominations are now open for the position in 2014.

Nominations for the Labour candidacy for the Otaki electorate in the 2014 general election have opened.
Bruce Taylor, spokesperson for the Otaki Labour Electorate Committee, said, "Labour is on the rise, and our planning for General Election 2014 is well advanced."

Announcing the opening of nominations, the Labour Party General Secretary, Tim Barnett, said that "we are intending to put an outstanding team of list and electorate candidates in front of the voters."

"Our timing is affected by the current electorate boundaries review, meaning that, even with only one new general electorate, there will be significant changes in some regions. That means that some selections cannot be made until April 2014 or later," he said.

Electorates have been divided into different groups, and the Otaki electorate has a closing date of 6 December 2013 for nominations. This may be liable to an extension," Mr Barnett concluded.

Bruce Taylor said that it is intended that profiles and statements from the nominees for the Labour candidate for Otaki will be available on the Labour's Otaki website to inform party members and the public about those standing for selection.

Details on the nomination process are available at

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