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Secret pre-meetings common
October 2013

Dear Editor,

With the following new powers that the Mayor is going to have after the elections on Saturday,12th October 2013 we have to wonder if he or she will still support the secret pre-meetings before the monthly open public meetings are held - that Councillor Nathan Murray bravely admitted was the norm at the last HDC open meeting.
Under the changes, the Mayor will be able to appoint their own deputy mayor, determine the structure of committees and appoint committee chairs.
They will also be responsible for driving the setting of major plans and budgets, including the long-term and annual plans but they will also be more individually accountable for their decisions.
The law changes bring all New Zealand councils in line with the powers already granted to the Auckland Mayor under the Super City process.
"Not only would that strengthen a Mayor's leadership, it would also help voters to hold the mayor and council accountable for its direction and decisions."
Therefore, it is very important that everybody on the Horowhenua electoral roll vote for the candidate that has a proven record of being open and honest. We cannot afford the secret deals anymore or continue with the old boy network of looking after the Mayor's cohorts, so be careful who you vote for.
If you have not voted then do so today, it is your democratic right and also very important for the future of the Horowhenua District.

David Thomson
Chair (HDRRAI)

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