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'Kapiti is known as the ‘whinging’ district'
October 2013

Dear Editor

Sad to say Kapiti is known as the 'whinging' district in New Zealand. I mentioned to group of people from around the country I lived in Kapiti and they said all they knew about Kapiti is that people here moan about everything.

It is not only members of the public but most of the mayoral candidates who have concentrated on negativity and criticism of the existing council, even though two of them – Guru and Ross Church - are on the very council they condemn. They seem to forget they have had the power in the last three years to change things but have actually contributed very little.

The Mayor and Councillors ONLY HAVE ONE VOTE EACH – they need the majority of the council behind any change they want to make and unless all the councillors standing for another term are not elected very little can change. The only extra power the Mayor has currently is the casting vote if there is no majority. The current Mayor has only used the casting vote once – to agree on the airport development. I think this proves that all the issues being campaigned on by the Mayoral candidates such as water solutions and coastal hazard lines had the majority agreement of the Council - something no new Mayor can change unless they have super mind changing powers.

Guru, Ross Church and Jackie Elliott particularly have campaigned on the basis of slamming the existing Council – without any evidence they could have done better. Indeed Guru and Ross Church are merely highlighting their lack of positive action in their terms as councillors. None of them have extensive local government experience or have led multi-million dollar business – which Kapiti is.

The majority of the mayoral candidates concentrate on negativity and simply make promises they cannot keep. Guru says Kapiti needs to be 'fixed' but has been on the council he says needs fixing for the last three years. Why didn't Guru do anything? How can Ross or Jackie build a dam and at the same time promise lower rates? That is simply not possible. Personally – knocking someone else is not my idea of a good role model or leader for our society. Lead by example like the Dalai Lama, and be a good person first without resorting to insults and condemnation of others.

Jennie Gutry

Sobnavil Luso (added 356 weeks ago)
I guess we're a different kind of person in Kapiti - all moaners eh. Mind you there's been a lot to moan about. Could it be that we're ordinary folk but with more than our fair share to tolerate. I mean look at how NZTA has treated this district and Council just kowtow to them 'inside the tent'. Time to loosen the tent pegs methinks.
Jennie Gutry (added 357 weeks ago)
You are absolutely wrong in that assumption Penelope Rothe. I am not and have never been the Mayor's Campaign Manager.
Penelope Rothe (added 357 weeks ago)
The public of Kapiti, have had a relentless barrage of issues where they have been unfairly treated and or ignored for the last three years. Of course we have had something to moan about. Must thank you Ms Gutry - the Mayors campaign manager for reminding the public to vote for change.
Jennie Gutry (added 357 weeks ago)
I don't believe I was moaning Brian. I am more embarrassed really that Kapiti is seen negatively. Yes - good for us all to know candidate's opinions but for me, I would rather hear what they have done for their community instead of knocking others. You can still have a robust debate of the issues without attacking others.
Brian Tester (added 357 weeks ago)
I see you have joined the moaners Jennie. As you say, the councillors only have one vote. They may well have voted against the things they are criticising, but were outvoted by the majority. This is the time for them all to clearly state their opinions, then it is up to us to choose those whose opinions we prefer.
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