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Kapiti Coast Marina Proposal
September 2013

Brandon Holman, one of the upcoming KCDC Election candidates, is wanting, if elected to undertake a feasibility study as to the provision of a marina on the Kapiti Coast.
Mr Holman says a marina would enable larger tourist and fishing boats to launch safely as well as yachts with keels.
"Currently, such vessels can only be safely launched from Mana marina. Funding would have to be provided by interested parties and not ratepayers, and additional benefits could include the provision of waterside eating and drinking venues, seen in smart marinas the world over. Also, a better Coastguard search and rescue service could be provided."
Mr Holman says learned to sail offshore yachts from Brighton Marina in the UK, which was built in the 1970s by a development corporation and private money. The coastline at Brighton is straight and featureless, and the marina there simply encloses a section of land to create a haven from the English Channel storms. The website is
"I understands that previous marina initiatives have targeted the Waikanae Estuary. I believe that that is not suitable, because not only is it a nature reserve, but it also would be likely to present a sandbar problem due to the river and sea combination. The beauty of a Caisson design like the Brighton Marina is that it can be created anywhere on the coast," says Mr Holman.
He says the creation of a marina would provide another attraction on the Kapiti Coast for tourists and day-trippers, as well as providing a great facility for local yachtsmen, fishermen and pleasure boat users. "It would provide a realisable destination for Mana Marina and Marlborough Sounds boating visitors, and put Kapiti on the nautical map."

Steve Botica (added 305 weeks ago)
I've always thought that the Kapiti Coast would benefit from a Marina...Anyone who has been to Kapiti Island and "enjoyed" the launch off Paraparaumu and the return journey might have appreciated a marina at the beginning and end of their journey. Great idea! Well done Brandon.
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