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Farcically undemocratic move
September 2013


Re the 5th Sept story 'Cover Committee to keep Kapiti running after vote'(Kapiti Observer). I cannot believe the arrogance of the KCDC CEO and staff to appoint a committee of 3 incumbent elected members to 'run' Kapiti, until the new members are sworn in. It is the people of Kapiti who will decide by their vote who is in and who shall go. To appoint 3 elected members who may well be out of Council come 13th October, is farcically undemocratic and makes a mockery of our precious election. As the swearing in is scheduled to be on the 29th of October, there will be a 17 day period where no action will be made by any elected member. Time to breathe I call it, the last thing Kapiti needs is the chosen three rubber stamping for the management behind closed doors.

Jackie Elliott
Mayoral Candidate for Kapiti
RD1 Otaki

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