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Revaluation debacle
September 1

The current road revaluation debacle instigated by the so called KCDC Financial Gnomes makes a complete pig's ear of them trying to erase their very significant blushes by endeavouring to use an accounting stunt to get over the risk of breaching its debt limit.

Thankfully, after various persons of the community were upset enough to ask the relevant question to the Office of the Auditor General, did we get a very sensible answer, which culminated saying that "we (they) understand that Kapiti Coast District Council has now decided against revaluing the land under roads." (22nd Aug.)
I would like to emphasise here that the email from the Auditor General's Office clearly stated that "We understand that Kapiti Coast District Council has now decided against revaluing the land under the roads", it therefore seems farcical for those people at KCDC scrambling off to seek advice of the legality, and costing the Ratepayers more inappropriate expense, as obviously someone within the confines of KCDC has already acknowledged and accepted that what they had envisaged was in fact an incorrect decision. More RED faces!!!!!!!!!!!

Since that time, I have read about outbursts from councillor's Church and Lester who have scorned the response of the Auditor General's Office in a most offensive manner, and that of Mayoral candidate Jackie Elliot, but all this so called agitation and 'smoke and mirrors' of the KCDC has thankfully seen the demise of what would seem to have been an inventive effort to "cook the books".

KCDC have been trying to shy away from this contentious roading matter that has gone so inextricably wrong for them, stating that they will have to seek further advice from their Auditors about the legalities. I have now been advised that KCDC were advised by their Auditor, who actually was appointed by the Audit Office. So after all that, it still becomes of very great interest, and also who do we, the ratepayers, put our trust in, over the next three years???????????????

Roy Bradbury
Waikanae Beach

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