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Local government reorganisation proposals run together
August 2013

The Local Government Commission decided to publicly notify the Wairarapa and Wellington reorganisation applications together.

The first application, from Wairarapa's three district councils, and the second application, from the Greater Wellington Regional Council, were received less than one month apart and share the same affected area.
Public notices were taken out in nine newspapers across the region to help ensure that interested groups and individuals are engaged and informed about the process. They have until 16 August to come up with alternative ideas about the shape of local authorities in the region.
In the meantime, the Commissioners have met the chair, mayors, other elected members and staff of all nine directly-affected councils. They have also met Wairarapa and Wellington iwi, some local electorate Members of Parliament, central government agencies, representatives of progressive and residents' associations, infrastructure specialists, the Public Service Association and subject-matter experts.
Further background on the reorganisation can be found under the news and feature pages of the Commission website.

In summary, the reorganisation proposals from Northland, Hawke's Bay, Wairarapa and Wellington are advancing well through their respective processes. The voices and perspectives of a number of individuals, organisations and communities are being heard.
The end point of this first stage requires the Commission to finalise a list of 'reasonably practicable options' for local government in each region and to then select one preferred option. If the status quo is not the preferred option the Commission will release a draft proposal for public comment. The Commission will not release decisions or proposals which cut across the nomination and campaign periods for the triennial local government elections on 12 October.

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