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“Land value boost could be worth $300m to council”
August 2013

"Land value boost could be worth $300m to council" - Heading from Kapiti Observer 15th August 2013

This article states "Kapiti's council is set for a $300 million asset boost by revaluing the land under its roads."

You cannot tell me that this is not a TOTAL situation of nothing less than "cooking the books" after the mayor and her cohort councillors have systematically drained away the Kapiti Ratepayers money with projects that have been totally unnecessary and what is more importantly, TOTALLY UNAFFORDABLE within such a short timeframe and if anyone should vote for any of these culpable persons at the coming Elections, then they surely must need their heads reading.

This Council debacle is all due to the fact that the costs and overruns of all of those so called fine projects have left the Council with egg on their faces, and that the council now faces the risk of breaching its debt limit for the Kapiti Region, and to extricate themselves out of such a predicament, they need to save their somewhat very red faces by a very doggy manoeuvre, and before they parade themselves before the public, in what is a very dismal hope that they will be re-elected. If any of them get back in it will be a complete travesty of justice, and a reflexion of a complete disregard by some of the Kapiti community for the proper and purposeful use of Ratepayers money.

Roy Bradbury
Waikanae Beach

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