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Build the Dam says mayoral candidate
August 2013
Mayoral candidate Jackie Elliott says Kapiti needs to get on and build the Dam

Mayoral candidate Jackie Elliott says the only negative reaction she has received in relation to building a Dam has come from the current mayor and a few other candidates.

"The fact is we need a long-term solution to our water supply needs. Up to now we have had a succession of expensive hare-brained schemes that simply didn't work.

"Just before the last election the mayor raised her arms in triumph at the Business Breakfast forum and announced she had solved Kapiti's water problems for the next 40 years. Obviously that was not true and so they have lurched from one disaster to the next. It is time for that nonsense to stop," says Ms Elliott.

"And now the mayor is pleading poverty after spending $21million on the pool and another $9million on a new building for council and they are looking to plough another $28million into a recharge scheme that is generally acknowledged to have major problems and is based on untried formulas."

Ms Elliott says she stands by her call to build the dam. "It is the commonsense solution and has been for a long time. Too often council policy has been more about election cycles than what is in the best interests of the community.

"If we want businesses to flourish in Kapiti we need a water supply infrastructure that supports the right kind of growth here. Building the Dam made sense 30 years ago and it is even more so today."

Eric Gregory (added 309 weeks ago)
The long term water supply issue needs a review by incoming council, I was part of the Milne Council that saw the dam as its best option, the "covering the field " options taken by the current Council is at a cost to ratepayers, I hope to be at the Council table after the election to review the options
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