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Evans plans new Notice Board site
August 2013

It seems divine intervention may be being KCDC at bay from social issues campaigner Dale Evans and his highly visible Notice Board at the Kapiti Lights.

"May I say one would think it is the pressure from Council opposition or could it be from above (God's will) with regard to my Notice Board being removed because of being an earthquake risk. It is conveniently noted at election time," says Mr Evans.

"I hope to have another one erected in the vicinity of this area to continue my good work and enlighten the Community. This Notice Board has been funded by me personally for many years. When the Notice Board was first erected, Council fronted me on many issues not to have it put there. I put it to them with proof that this site has existing rights to be there going back to the 1940's where it was a merchandising shop. Photographs proved that it was originally there. Then Council came at me with wording, lettering and size. Outcome - Council having to back down and the community has benefitted since."

Mr Evans acknowledged that the Notice Board messages had at times been highly controversial.

"That is true. There were a few that got people, mainly the Mayor and Councillors, a bit riled up but it is important that the community know what is going on. For instance before the projected debt of $196million went up hardly anybody knew. Now everyone knows."

Mr Evans said when he was on the Paraparaumu/Raumati Community Board (approx 5 years ago) he could see issues being raised by the Community that were going nowhere- swept under the carpet.

"In my view, the Council were controlling the Community Board in what was happening. This has stifled issues that needed to be brought out in the open. On so many occasions members of the public were saying to me 'At least the information is getting out there' with regards to my Notice Board comments."

Mr Evans said his Notice Board had raised issues of Council Debt, Asbestos in the water pipes, Storm Water, Consultant fees, Dam verses Water Meters, Coastal Hazard Report, Sewage, Council Staff, Council Activity, Rates burden. "These are issues that effect the Community at large on a personal level where one could relate."

"You have to ask what is the purpose of the Community Boards. Community Boards should have the power to represent the Community. The Community Boards should be the first point of call for the public. If the Community Boards were doing justice to what they are there for, for example getting a referendum with regards to Water Meters to name just one issue due to the large number of local people in opposition.

"On many occasions I have asked the question to the Community at large, "Do they know who is on the Community Board?" A large number said they had no idea and no idea as to what their role was. In the past I have noticed that the public go straight to the Council rather than go to the Community Boards.

"The Notice Board has put issues up in lights in the public domain and forced debate so I am pleased to have had a hand in that. I will hopefully have a new venue for the notice board before the election," said Mr Evans.

Dale Evans (added 309 weeks ago)
Hi Ruth, thanks for noticing the notice
Ruth Bodger (added 309 weeks ago)
What a supprise!
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