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Jackie Elliott to stand as 'Last Mayor of Kapiti'
June 2013
Jackie Elliott announces bid as Kapiti Mayor

"After a great deal of public support and encouragement I am pleased to announce my candidacy for what could be the last Mayor of Kapiti," says Jackie Elliott.

"I have already announced I am standing as a district wide Councillor, however I feel I am now in a position to do even more for the Kapiti Coast," says Kapiti businesswoman Ms Elliott.

Ms Elliott says in the face of future amalgamation decisions, her role as a Mayor will be caretaking, keeping a clear common sense head, with no think big infrastructure investment except to proceed with the delayed dam construction timeline promised at the last election.

"It will also be vital to protect Kapiti's local representation during those amalgamation discussions," she says.

"The fact is our council have got so much wrong and clearly leadership failures are a big part of that. I am dismayed in KCDC, as ratepayers face a possible $24.5 million bill for legal action from those affected by the Coastal Erosion Report. As this issue has unfolded, it has always been clear that there are far more prudent ways to resolve this issue, starting by removing the arbitrary lines on maps.

"This Council has failed to deliver on the dam, and many other points while burdening ratepayers with massive budget blowouts and an escalating debt level that even our great grandchildren will be paying off. I am a fifth generation Kapiti Coaster, and I truly believe that you must look back constantly to learn from the mistakes of previous Councils.

"I believe Kapiti needs a far more commonsense approach to its policy direction and far more transparency in it operations," says Ms Elliott.

"I am proud to have had, and continue to have, valued mentors throughout my life, from Mayor Barry Hadfield, to the likes of Joan Sherley, Selwyn Hyde, Mac Clunie and so many other good Kapiti Coasters," says Ms Elliott.


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