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It's a worry!
From June 2012


The recent secret meeting at which our Mayor tried to persuade Council to vote for the Council's voting entitlement to be used to elect Anne Chapman to the Electra Board fortunately failed. However it has revealed something. This is that she, her deputy and Mrs Ammundsen all wish to plunder our annual power discount and it would appear wish to do so in a crafty secretive manner. The worry is that this removes three people from a voters "Who to vote for" list. I hope that there are some nominees left on it come election time.
Brian Baggott
Paraparaumu Beach

Roy Bradbury (added 348 weeks ago)
So they are still at it in 2013, this council really are the pits, to put it politely. Lets clear the course, this next time around, we surely have had more than enough of all their spend thrift nonsense.
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