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'Colour Outside the Lines' is debut album from local singer/songwriter Gill Allen
May 10, 2013
Gill Allen, Kapiti Singer/Songwriter, releases debut album Colour Outside the Lines

It's New Zealand Music month and with it comes the release of the debut album from local singer songwriter Gill Allen.
'Colour Outside the Lines' is a mix of slow rock and folk ballads making up a startlingly good 12 track album.
Gill Allen has lived in the Kapiti area since arriving in New Zealand is 1985. Gill was born in Malvern, England and grew up on the Isle of Wight. A lover of many styles of music, having grown up to the sounds of Elton John, The Eagles, David Bowie, and Fleetwood Mac, to name a few, Gill has developed a rich melodic style that's has an edge of difference; a voice that allows the listener to enter into the music and rest a while; sometimes not wanting to leave.
All 12 tracks on the 'Colour Outside the Lines' album were penned by Gill and reflect the journey of self discovery that lead to making the album.
Produced over the past two years at Tsunami Studios in the beautiful Horowhenua, this work reaches back over a decade. Following her Father's love of writing, Gill has a poetic slant to her song-writing style, describing the sometimes delicate emotional events of relationships in a manner that speaks to the heart of us all.
The album is available at and certainly attracting attention. The first release from the album is 'Fly Away' and the video for the song is currently in production, having been shot entirely in and around the Te Horo Beach area.
The cover notes on the album best describes the true meaning of the album..
"There's no time to doubt yourself, don't let those dreams stay rustin' on the shelf, they're your gift, shine 'em up, and let 'em live now"
Gill is currently working on a second album and also a collaborative song-writing project.

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