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Ministries of Do Nothing
April 2013


This must be the National party's new election policy that they are rolling out early.

"We are not going to do anything about taxing phones".
"We are not going to do anything about taxing car parks".

Perhaps they should add to that "We are not going to do anything about the loss of jobs in the manufacturing industry, or anything about creating new jobs to bring unemployment out of current high levels, or to help reduce child poverty, or stimulate job growth in the economy, or future proof New Zealand against an upcoming energy crisis and climate change (in fact we tried to sell off our energy co's but we can't manage that either). We are not going to do anything about protecting the Marlborough Sounds or any other part of the environment. In fact, we are not going to do anything about anything at all. We are, in fact, the Ministries of Do Nothing."

And……… What a shame, their RoNS are so expensive they will never be built.

Marie O'Sullivan

Chris Walker, Otaki Beach (added 370 weeks ago)
I have to agree with everything you say Marie. You are wrong on one point the have actually done something if you call evicting taxpayers out of Housing originally designed to well I have to say it 'House'. As I have heard some say, maybe we would be better off if Kit Dotcom formed a party and got to be Prime Minister. After we had paid him back all the money our FBI freinds and their NZ cohorts had stolen from him in various ways, I think he would treat 'all of us' better than we are being by these right wing thugs who fancy themselves as fit to lead the country which of course they have proved totally inept at doing.
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