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"No Plastic Bag" campaign urged for Kapiti Coast
April 2013


I have lived in Waikanae most of my life. Over the years a major problem has arisen, not only in Waikanae but all over New Zealand.
The problem is plastic bags. people go shopping, buy something, it is put in a plastic bag. Then what do they do with it? A few are put in a wheelie bin. The go to the tip where, unfortunately, they rapidly start flying around the place. Far too frequently, they are just dropped, thrown out of car windows and litter the side of the road. They are dropped in sports grounds, ditches, gardens, everywhere.
I think we ought to start a "No Plastic Bag" on Kapiti Coast. Everyone refuse to accept them at the supermarket, at any shop, at any market.
There are other containers or bags you can use. If one of the supermarkets decided not to use them I think it would raise their sales no end.
Come on kapiti Coast residents start the anti plastic bage war!

Maggie Harris

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