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Gardenworld will be missed
April 2013


It is so sad to see another one of my favourite shops leave Coastlands. First Hallensteins, the The Pet Shop (who left because their lease was being changed too, not because of any other reason) and now Palmers Gardenworld. I will miss the fantastic personalised service of Brian, Heather, Steven and their team.
The gift shop was a triumph and a delight to vist.
Many a gift was found there and my garden is full of their suggestions. many of us believe that life is not all about profit and putting the dollar first. It is about a balance, including what is best for the community and the people in it.
In this case I wish Coastlands Management could have used some lateral thinking and incorporated the needs of its customers and the store owners and employees who have worked hard to build up a livelihood into its decision making. Mega stores may well be providing us with plants but there is still a place for the outstanding boutique service, knowledge and products that the Riddell's team gave us for seven wonderful years.
All the best guys!

Gina Verhaart

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