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Amalgamation process misunderstood
March 2013

Dear Editor

It is clear from Joel Maxwells' report (Kapiti Observer) ' Referendum threat heard' in Mondays Observer that the reporter simply does not understand the processes surrounding amalgamation. Yes the Mayor's of Wairarapa could hold a poll of the people of Carterton to trigger referendum process, so could anyone. A poll is a step forward in speeding up the region wide consultation process, not a threat to it. Signatures for the poll will probably be collected the day after the Local Government Commission releases it's proposal for the region. Considering the huge delays caused to the amalgamation process by the working party, of which KCDC Councilors are members, I can see a number of groups racing to get to Carterton or the regions other small towns to get the poll completed in the quickest possible time.

Jackie Elliott
Community Board Member

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