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Former Kapiti Councillor delivers Fluoriude message
March 2013

Former Kapiti Councillor Peter Daniel delivered a strong message to KCDC this morning (20 March) on the inclusion of fluoride in the Kapiti water supply. Mr Daniel's speech is below:

Hello to you Madame Mayor and Councillors

My priority has always been in the living and it is the lives and health of the people of Kapiti that drew me into this cauldron of lies and deception!

I have never been able to tolerate bullshit!

I learned through reading hundreds of peer reviewed scientific studies that nothing in the human body benefited from fluoride and that almost all of our internal organs, our bones and out teeth were at great risk from fluoride and that the effects were cumulative.

With horror I realised that the mental and physical well being of Kapiti people had been seriously compromised

The convincing graph of the terrible teeth of unfluoridated Paekakariki children shown by Ministry Of Health at the hearings several years ago was proven to be a total red herring. I have a friend here today who has two children raised in Paekakariki and at age 16 and 18 have still never needed a dental appointment!

Fluoridation driven by government agencies has nothing to do with health but everything to do with policy. It is their policy to promote fluoridation and nothing will detract them from this dogged fancy dressed parroted old cliché policy! 'It's Safe & Effective, It's Safe & Effective!'
Nothing could be further from the truth!

The World Expert on Fluoridation Professor Paul Connett has just done a second tour of New Zealand and not one person from any organisation Dental or Government were prepared to enter a debate with him. They knew they could not argue with his massive amount of peer reviewed scientific evidence proving beyond doubt the dangers of fluoridation!

Only around 5% of the World's population are subjected to the deadly poisonous fluoridation!

There are big moves happening right now throughout the World to stop it and city after city and town after town are turning off the fluoride taps. It is as simple as that and that is exactly what the Cairns Regional Council did just recently, population 153,000. No fuss no bother no advice from Government agencies. They just turned it off! Windsor Ontario, population 200,000 just this week.

If you choose to carry on with the fluoridation of Kapiti's people then in the eyes of the law you are responsible for the cumulative poisoning of your own people

However it is never too late and I hope you can show some real leadership on this issue making the decision to shut off the taps delivering this extremely corrosive toxin into peoples mouths and through their skin which is slightly less poisonous than arsenic and more poisonous than lead!

Fluoridation was sold to us by American spin-doctors.

America's health is now 28th out of 30 OECD countries 3rd to worst on the planet, no doubt in part because of fluoridation!

Fluoridation is a crime against humanity!

You Councillors have an amazing opportunity to do something for your community I that failed to achieve during my Triennium. Stop fluoridation!

Just recently I came across an amazing documentary called 'Fluoridegate An American Tragedy' by American Dr David Kennedy.

I am more than happy to give any of you a copy of this documentary but only if you really are prepared to take a look at it?

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