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Otaki board members to attend Wanaka conference
March 2013
Otaki Community Board members Jackie Elliott and Colin Pearce pictured at this week's meeting.

The sensitive issue of whether Community Board members should attend a national conference in Wanaka at a cost per person of $1592 was raised at this week's Otaki Community Board meeting.

During public speaking time social issues campaigner Dale Evans posed the question to the board whether they thought it was wise to spend ratepayers money on sending members to the May conference when one community board member from among the four community boards could attend on behalf of the rest.

"I think this would be a waste of money, especially in the current economic climate when ratepayers are already getting hit with rates rises and huge costs," said Mr Evans.

Mr Evans said he understand Janet Holborrow who chairs the Paekakariki Community Board would be attending and she could do so and report back to the other boards.

In the end the Otaki Board decided to send not one member, but two. Chair James Cootes and member Marilyn Stevens will both be attending the conference.

Board member Jackie Elliott said she did not think this was in the best interests of ratepayers and voted against the motion.

Mr Evans later issued a media statement decrying the expenditure of $3184 on the trip. "And that amount is just for the Otaki reps. The poor ratepayers must be shaking their heads wondering if this sort of spending will ever come under control."

Mr Evans made a similar representation to the Paraparaumu/Raumati Community Board recently and that Community Board voted not to send a member to the conference.

J Turner (added 330 weeks ago)
Total cost to Kapiti ratepayers for a delegation of 5 from Kapiti $7960.00. Mayor and KCDC's youth Council representative also going to Wanaka.
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