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Could a Kitchen Health Makeover be your answer for a healthy future
March 2013 - By Colette Maat
Waikanae health counsellor Colette Maat

Could a Kitchen Health makeover change the direction of your health and that of your family?
Recent statistics have shown that one in 5 people in New Zealand are pre- diabetic. Thatʼs a pretty hard core fact to face up to, given that this is one of the most beautiful, nature giving and developed countries on the planet! There really isnʼt anywhere to go from here but to improve, before it becomes the norm to have a diabetic child or adult in every family.
Your genes may have written your biological story up until now, but you get to write the final chapter, and create a new set of standards for the generations to follow.
Certified Life Coach, Holistic Health Counsellor and Integrative Nutrition Coach Colette Maat, believes that we are all capable of taking the steps towards making health a priority in our lives and of our families. "I think itʼs very easy to put off making changes until it becomes urgent from the onset of disease, a major health scare, or in many cases death, and then itʼs too late".
It is so apparent that diseases such as diabetes, is creeping into our society and even more alarming is the younger people are who are affected by this. Itʼs an easy one to miss, as often something like diabetes is not detected until a very late stage, and this could be so easily avoided by educating kids, parents & families on how to make healthier choices and become aware of the pitfalls when it comes to how busy and ʻon the goʼ our lives have become today.
People generally have a good idea that when they pick up eg a cheeseburger & fries or a donut, on a regular basis, this isnʼt going to be beneficial to their health, but their motivation to make a different choice is very often outweighed by the lure to convenience.
ʻItʼs what we do 90% of the time that matters most, not what we do on occasionsʼ. Unhealthy habits have grown over time to become the norm, and it would very optimistic, if not unrealistic, to assume that they are going to go away in an instant. "I am passionate about helping people to create sustainable healthy habits, which are easy to implement, and over time, can change the direction of their health and that of their families, leaving a legacy of balanced health for generations to come".
One of the Health Coaching Services Colette has to offer is a ʻKitchen Health Makoverʼ, where she takes a look at how the person/couple/family live right now, in terms of what they eat, their food preferences, their ʻgo to snacksʼ, their family dynamicsʼ, their day to day schedules, and their individual needs around possible allergies or sensitivities. She educates around reading food labels and helps to create an awareness on how processed and convenience foods affect our health, moods, and overall energy.
ʻItʼs not about taking over your pantry and making you drink green smoothies from day one! itʼs about getting to know how you live day to day, how your energy is, what are your health concerns & goals for you and your family, what are your snacking habits, how often are you sitting down to family home cooked meals and also I throw in a few ideas on quick and easy healthy meals. A cooking class is an additional option to follow up on your Kitchen Health Makeover. Itʼs about making small and gradual changes that, over time, make the monumental changes possible!".
Colette has dedicated the past 27 years to developing herself and others who are searching for their own slice of peace with their body, who are working to create a healthy balance in their health, lifestyle/quality of life and overall wellbeing. She is currently writing her first book, a non-scientific approach to guiding people into taking control of their health and showing that it doesn't have to be complicated.
"I grew up on a dairy farm in Northern Ireland, and in an age where smoking became the norm at a very young age, where healthy food from the fields was looked upon as 'peasant food' and the new and popular arrival of highly processed and ready meals were in vogue. I also have a family history of heart disease, from both parents, for generations, and this became my motivating factor to begin my quest for breaking the chain, in order to leave my legacy of optimal health and wellbeing.

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