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Are Stormwater upgrades being sacrificed for Aquatic Center
March 2013
Dales Evans calls for KCDC transparency

Social issues campaigner Dale Evans says he is disturbed by persistent rumours that funds set aside for essential stormwater upgrades on Manly Street, Paraparaumu Beach, are being diverted to meet extra costs associated with the Aquatic Centre.

Mr Evans says KCDC needs to be completely transparent around latest Aquatic Centre costs and where that money is coming from and what if any projects are being sacrificed or delayed because of it.

"The public of Kapiti have a right to know if these essential upgrades are not going ahead on schedule and if so when will they be completed and what cost," says Mr Evans.

J Abbott (added 330 weeks ago)
Good on you Dale Evans. Keep asking the tough questions on our behalf.
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