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Warrior Dash hits Queen Elizabeth Park
March 2013
The ultimate weekend Warrior - Kapiti's Randall Walker salutes the crowd after completing the Warrior Dash at QE Park, Paekakariki

Organisers of the Warrior Dash, staged at QE Park, Paekakariki on the weekend say they were well pleased with the turnout and expect even bigger competitor numbers and cheering crowds for next year's event.

The Kapiti version of the Warrior Dash featured over 750 competitors which adds to the over a million global competitors which makes the dash the world's largest running series.

There was a constant flow of competitors from all age ranges who set off throughout the day around the arduous 6.5Km course at Queen Elizabeth Park, which was packed. The athletes came in all shapes and sizes and many dressed up (bit like the Sevens)as they raced their way into ultimate warrior status.

The fastest time over the course went to men's winner Rory Sullivan, 30, of Wellington who completed the course in 27m35s.

The start and finish lines were in the party zone and a nine-metre-long barbed-wire enclosed mudpool provided plenty of thrills for spectators soaking up the festival atmosphere.

The highly successful event looks certain to return to Kapiti next year and could become a permanent fixture. Greater Wellington Regional Councillor Nigel Wilson who chairs the committee overseeing the region's parks said Greater Wellington was very happy to have hosted the event.

"It was clear from the faces of the competitors and the crowds that this was a fun-filled day and we want to see them all back for 2014."

1. Rory Sullivan, 30, Wellington - 27m 35s 2. Antony Nalder, 27, Churton Park - 28m 37s 3. David Driscole, 33, Te Aro - 28m 51s

1. Lillia Csorgo, 46, Wellington - 32m 25s 2. Larna Payne, 29, Wellington - 32m 40s 3. Janet Harris, 40, Waikanae - 32m 47s

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