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Save our River - Save our Aquifer - Build a Dam
11 December 2012
Locals want to keep the Waikanae River safe. Photo from

There is a local call to help save the Waikanae River from what many see as a serious threat from proposals to construct a river recharge scheme designed to supplement the introduction of water meters. KCDC currently has an application before the Greater Wellington Regional Council to take water from the Waikanae River.
Local groups are urging those opposed to the scheme to take five minutes now and make a difference for generations to come.

1. Go to
2. Print a submission form
3 Oppose the application
4. Post as directed and before 19 December
5. Pass this information on to other concerned residents of Kapiti.

Rivers (added 375 weeks ago)
Please print off the submission form for your neighbours. Kapiti Coasters we have 1 week to show WE CARE about the Waikanae River. High pressure sluicing and saline intrusion of our groundwater are some of the less palatable components of this invaisive scheme. Even BECCA don't want anything more to do with it.
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