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Why are KCDC Paying NZTA's Bills
Monday December 11
Commuter parking in Waikanae reaches dangerous levels.

Today Waikanae Community Board will receive a report by KCDC's Bernie Goedhart recommending Kapiti Council install no parking lines along SH1 north of Waikanae.

An influx of all day parking since the extension to Tranz Metro's park-and-ride facility has caused headaches for residents. Many of whom cannot safely enter or leave their own driveways.

However ex Council staff have complained through facebook that they were involved in over two years of negotiations with Transit NZ to ensure safety measures such as these were fully funded through NZTA national taxes.

"Why is our Council using its resources to do this when they won't do what the locals ask them?," asks the staff member who wishes to remain anonymous.

There are also other cases out there, the Otaki underpass for one where KCDC are again using Kapiti's rates for work that should be funded by the national agency.

Rivers (added 343 weeks ago)
Comment: I heard KCDC's $10,000 contribution to the Otaki underpass has now passed $185,000 of Kapiti ratepayers money and the job isn't finished yet. How much are we ratepayers going to END UP PAYING for the SH1 realignment at Paekakariki?
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