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Mana Minister encourages students sitting NCEA exams
November 2012
Mana based List MP Hekia Parata

National List MP based in Mana Hekia Parata encourages all local school communities to help NCEA students to aim high.
"We have an education system that is among the best in the world. Four out of five kids are successfully getting the qualifications they need from school to reach their potential, and we must celebrate their success and the professionals and parents who make that possible every day. But our Government's education plan is about getting five out of five.
"This is why the Government has set a target of 85 per cent of 18 year old school leavers attaining NCEA Level 2, or above, in 2017," says Hekia Parata.
"In the final 2011 figures, Mana had 852 school leavers sitting NCEA Level 2 or above, with 549 attaining it 64 per cent. To reach 85 per cent our electorate will need an extra 175 students attaining NCEA Level 2. Working together, this is achievable."
Figures released by the Ministry of Education in September show qualification levels of school leavers have been steadily increasing. In 2011 nationwide school leavers attaining NCEA Level 2 was 72 per cent up 6 per cent in the last three years.
"With students preparing for NCEA exams, it is a critical time for school communities to support their students. Parents, boards, principals, and teachers will be working together to help their students achieve.
"I wish all the NCEA candidates in the Mana electorate all the very best with their exams this year."

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