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Public meetings regarding Kapiti's user-payers water plans
August 2012
Kapiti Concerned Citizens meetings open to public.

The Kapiti Concerned Citizens group is holding two public meetings this week.

KCC is a group established to prevent user-pays water schemes being instituted in Kapiti, to campaign for increased democracy in Kapiti local government and to circulate information on other local issues.

Jackie Elliot and Alan Tiora (formerly The Green Plumber) will speak at these meetings.

Wednesday, 29th August 11.30am at the Presbyterian Church, Ngaio Road, Waikanae, and;

Saturday, 1st of September 10.30am at the Rotary Hall, Aotaki Street, Otaki.


Jackie Elliott (added 358 weeks ago)
Hi Todays Waikanae meeting was just great.(If I say so myself). Speakers also included Christopher Ruthe,QC on KCDC's new (VERY QUESTIONABLE) Erosion Report affecting 1800 properties. And Salema Padamsey, an international human rights advocate who describes KCDC's communication and Governance as "trained" and one she has only seen adopted by the Kremli nd Chinese Government. If you only attend 1 meeting this year make it one of Our public meetings. After all you each pay KCDC approx $80.00 per week to live here.
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