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Admin costs could hike Water Meters charges
August 2012
Will admin costs see water meter money drain away

Comment from former KCDC Councillor, Roy Bradbury

I was speaking to a friend the other day, who had just come back from Brisbane, visiting his sister and what he said has made me wonder, how much are we all going to be affected by installing water meters in Kapiti.

As you are probably aware they have water meters in Brisbane, they also have a dam which due to all the rain they have had, they now have a very full dam, and due to the situation of having all that water they have mothballed their expensive desalination plant that was being built, and are now charging out on each premises water usage for what appears to be a very friendly charge. But wait there's more!

This seems all very well, as the account that my friend's sister received for water was only for AU$17 for a three month period, however here is the rub, on top of that is a further water charge for AU$400. This is made up of various administration and other charges. The thought occurred to me, that are we being led by the nose by this council to a similar style of charging, with a small water charge, but with astronomical amounts tacked on for administration etc. It leaves you wondering?

I therefore, wish to ask Mayor Rowan and all her councillors plus the KCDC staff, do any of those persons have any intention that this sort of accounting practice for charging for water, in any form is contemplated. If not contemplated, can they guarantee that during this triennium such action will never be allowed?

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