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Does your bin go Walkies?
June 2012

What is it with people? That they have to swipe ones bin? Yes I 'm talking about recycling bins.I have a mystery ''bin taker'' yes that's right a mystery ''bin taker'' in my road and my gawd do I get peeved off with my bin going walkies. The last time it got taken it had my address on it clearly, then two to three weeks later it got returned, address removed, go figure? Anyway all was well in the household once the bin got returned, temper had lowered and calmness within. I got a big blue marker pen that can't be rubbed out and wrote all over it my address number and we have had no problems with it going walkies so far ... until yesterday. I mean can't people bloody ready? Does one have a ''fetish'' with my bin? Is it the colour? maybe they are attracted to my bin and want a relationship with it? You never know but I'm writing to you here today to say ... GET YOUR OWN BLOODY BIN AND LEAVE MINE ALONE PLEASE!!

Does anyone else have this problem?

Distressed Recycling Bin owner.

R. Baker

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