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Dale Evans tells Council - 'Focus on the Issue of your Debt'
May 7
Community advocate Dale Evans highlights the KCDC debt on his latest Billboard sign.

Dale Evans responds to Council criticisms regarding his billboard sign at Kapiti lights.

I have come in for a fair bit of criticism lately from the local council. Many have seen this as a personal attack on me. I am prepared to set this aside and focus on the most important issue which is Kapiti's escalating debt.

The present KCDC debt of over $75Million puts the debt owed by each Rate Payer at $3200. I see all Councillors have bypassed this issue. It seems that when major issues are taken up by me, the Council seems to use a personal attack on my credibility and integrity in response.

Another important point to make with regards to this Debt is the debate over 'Water Meters.' The Council is in so much debt they are relying on water meters being installed for the immediate income otherwise our rates will go up more than 15%. Just look at the amount of money being spent on promoting water meters! A question I will be asking Council under the Official Information Act.

Council is trying to use a smoke screen to bypass the major issue which is DEBT owing not my wording of 'gay'. I have never been against Gays - Homosexuals in society and in actual fact I have a few friends who are Gay. Their response to this was laughable. Homosexuals are part of Society and are accepted - what gives them the right to vandalise the hoarding? Does Kapiti Coast Council go along with this?

Is this not 'PC' gone wrong? In actual fact the word 'gay' means jolly good time. Maybe we all need to relax and have a 'gay time ice cream' If the Council should wish I will supply a carton and we can enjoy an ice cream together.

To the people of Kapiti it is good to see you are watching my Community Board which is basically put there for the Community at Large to be aware of issues regarding Council, Government etc. I am told this notice board is invaluable to the Community and have been thanked repeatedly.

It has never been my intention to offend any of the Community at large. I believe we should all be offended by this Council's lack of acknowledgement of the real issues and their continued personal attacks on anyone who disagrees with them.

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