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What do you not understand
April 8

It would appear that Madam Mayor and the majority of the KCDC Councillors plus the CEO and many of his staff, seem to have no idea where their projects are going to take this marvellous district of ours.

Have they ever taken into consideration that the whole District will be effected by the Christchurch Earthquake in the form of increased Insurance demands, which became payable as from 1st February this year. Even now, I know of one business which has just received devastating news that their annual Insurance cost has risen from $1,200.00 to $4,500.00. That is just for the business, it does not take into account the insurance charge upon the premises that are rented, and these again are astronomical.

From the above additional costs that the majority of business's and house owners are going to encounter not only here but throughout the country, can Council not see that everybody is going to lose out, big time, with the additional costs to fulfil the Insurance tariffs to compensate for the Christchurch Earthquake pay outs.

This year I was so lucky as my insurance became due in January, but I am sure not looking forward to next year!

Roy Bradbury
Waikanae Beach

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