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Kapiti billboard provides boost for Winston
December 1

Local identity Dale Evans gave a boost to the New Zealand First campaign with the aid of his billboard at the Paraparaumu Lights.

Mr Evans said he was happy to have provided the space to Winston's party.
"I even had some people say early on why put up the billboard for a loser - I guess the last laugh is on them."

Mr Evans said he was impressed that Winston Peters raised a lot of issues, specifically those related to the elderly.

"I think Winston will make both main parties a lot more accountable. There are a lot of social and economic issues relating to what people can afford. Our young people are leaving for Australia because they have more opportunities, pay less tax and earn much higher wages. This needs to be turned around," said Mr Evans.

New Zealand First polled very well in Kapiti, capturing 2896 Party votes, while David Scott received 1056 electorate votes for Otaki. In Mana New Zealand First received 1535 Party votes.

In the meantime the famous and sometimes infamous billboard space is currently devoted to a statement about Kapiti Council's growing debt.

Does he have plans for more billboards. Mr Evans says "watch this space."

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