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Naturists call to address concerns
10 April

Dear Editor,

Free Beaches New Zealand Inc. (FBNZ) is an incorporated society which exists in order to protect the interests of bona fide naturists.
On 23 March 2011 a group of concerned Te Hapu (Kapiti) residents held a meeting to discuss perceived problems concerning nudity at the local beach. Unfortunately FBNZ was not invited to attend and was unaware of this meeting until after that date.
FBNZ is therefore initiating the organisation of another meeting, which would include representation from Te Hapu concerned residents, the local council and the police; with FBNZ delegates as advocate for responsible beach naturism. The objective of the meeting would be to reach the best possible agreement to enable the concerns of those residents to be addressed whilst protecting responsible and considerate beach naturism.
We will be contacting the parties concerned in due course.

Yours faithfully,

Mike Ward
Free Beaches NZ Inc.

Johnny Rivers (added 393 weeks ago)
Why advertise on your websites that the "Freebeach" extends many kilometres north to the pink log on Te Horo Beach? Right on the doorstep of 300 households?
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