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CAFCA campaigner coming to Kapiti
10 April
Murray Horton of CAFCA

One of New Zealand's most informed and entertaining campaigners will be speaking in Paekakariki next week.
Murray Horton, spokesperson for the Campaign Against Foreign Control of Aotearoa (CAFCA) will discuss a range of issues including the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) and the dangers it poses to New Zealand, the threat of privatisation of public assets, the spread of transnational corporations and the possibilities for reversing the government's obsession with privatisation.
"Both major political parties are committed to policies which result in the New Zealand economy being even more dominated by transnational corporations; more and more of our farmland having overseas owners; publicly-owned assets being privatised; and the country locked into disadvantageous "free" trade and foreign investment agreements, of which the biggest one being negotiated, in secret, is the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement," says Mr Horton.
"A change in government will not, in itself, alter the disastrous course on which this country is set, one of domination by global corporates. This country needs people power to let the world, and our own government, know that New Zealand is not for sale!"
The organiser of the local meeting, Sam Buchanan, says there is growing concern that New Zealand's well being is being damaged by an agenda of free trade, unregulated investment and privatisation.
"There is a feeling that we are losing control over the direction of our society. Decisions that directly concern our lives are being taken by people whose only interest in this country is to take proft from it."
Murray Horton is based in Christchurch and currently touring the country, speaking at 13 meetings in the North Island and several in the South. Mr Horton will be speaking at 5.30pm, Sunday 17th of April, St Peter's Hall, Beach Road, Paekakariki.

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