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Where do we live!
21 March

Dear Editor,

In response to the numerous letters recently sent from residents expressing dislike to our district being called "Nature Coast", are they aware that our Mayor and Council believe we reside on the "Cabbage Coast"? This is the NZ English interpretation of Kapiti Coast (spelt with a macron). I live on the Kapiti Coast (without a macron). What is the view of other residents? Perhaps we should have a referendum!

Martin Warriner
Paraparaumu Beach

Marianne (added 461 weeks ago)
Well, we used to be Golden Coast when I was a kid, now it's Nature Coast, in 20 more years it will be something else! One thing it will always be is Kapiti Coast, nothing can change that. Been that for hundreds of years. By the way, did you google the meaning of Kapiti, Martin? Macrons? Well my jury is out on that, I feel that provided we are pronouncing the Maori Language correctly, macrons may be of no use?
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