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Bit of head-knocking called for
21 March


In response to R. Wood's comments in support of the expressway, does he/she really think that a billion dollar plus expressway and the sacrifice of a multitude of homes and businesses is needed to solve the handful of problem areas identified?
I personally favour Transmission Gully but even if that not be done, a bypass at Pukerua Bay, the Western Link Road, a few tweaks at Waikanae and peak hour clearway through Otaki with pedestrian overbridge and/or subway to replace the current Otaki pedestrian crossing will solve probably 90% of the problem for 20-25% of the cost.
Yes, I too drove from Otaki to Wellington and back each working day for 11 years so know what I'm talking about.
I would suggest that R Wood stop reading the fairy stories that NZTA would have us believe. In 2003, Te Horo and Otaki home owners told NZTransit (as it then was) that their road was not wanted. NZTransit accepted that the community did not want the expressway, advised there was no money to build it anyway and that the so called 'consultation' was being discontinued. What NZTransit then did behind closed doors and kept hidden from the public for six years is another story. More recently, NZTA were purchasing properties from people who approached them before they (NZTA) ran out of 'our' money that is. NZTA has not acquired more than a comparative handful of properties and is in no position to force home owners to sell, not yet at any rate and not by a long chalk.
We must face up to the fact that we in New Zealand have a beer economy, it does not run to champagne road systems.
Believe it or not, I am actually in favour of an expressway BUT, I want it in the right, most economical and beneficial place which it isn't and I want it built when we can afford it which ( at present and, sadly, because of Christchurch at least) we can't.
Penultimately, I would add that when someone has to resort to quoting local politicians as support for their arguments, I can't help feeling that they are pretty desperate.
Oh, wouldn't it be marvellous if someone in authority (are you listening Steven?) would knock some heads together and get some common sense involved. Now I'm getting desperate thinking that this might come from a politician!

Peter Curling

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