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From Oil Dependence to Local Resilience
14 March

Deirdre Kent reports from Transition Otaki

1. Energy Group. As a result of the well attended public meeting on 23 Feb on Powering Otaki, there will be a meeting next Tuesday to plan further. If you would like to be part of this Energy Group, please contact Kimbal McHugo 362 6395 or Fiona Luhrs 364 6405. The next newsletter will have a full report of the Feb information sharing meeting.

2. Look on our website for a Saturday afternoon visit to Coral Tree Organics Factory, Riverbank Road on Saturday 19th March 2pm Take a chair and a cup.

3. The Otaki Timebank will have a presence at the KCDC's Sustainable Home and Garden Show are on KCDC's website. Meanwhile the Timebank continues to go well with the most recent news being the addition of two more children and the Otaki Kindergarten.

4. While Christchurch has had that dreadful earthquake the Middle East had an oilquake, and the price of oil continues to rise. We had our third petrol price increase yesterday. James Samuel representing the Transition Movement was on Mornings this week, being interviewed by Corin Dann. He reminded us that the International Energy Agency had stated that worldwide production of oil had peaked in 2006.

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