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Whareroa Guardians planting progress!
29 September 2010

The Ramaroa planting is complete with an extra 500 or so planted on Sept 12th in moist conditions. Many thanks to: Michael Stace, Julie Lines, Theo & Alex Barsanti, Dawn Bush, Ruby Durrant-Bush, Fred & June Rowland, Peter Kentish, Ann Evans, Ellen Soulliere and Paul Callister.
Hare damage continues and will do so until the grass has grown long enough along the perimeter to deter them. Unfortunately there was a delay (see impact on a kahikatea) before the repellant spray could be applied but most are now protected with Treepel.
The priority now is keeping the young trees clear of long grass until they are established. The trees most at risk are those planted directly into the pasture without pre-sprayed holes and without carpet. Perhaps half have been carpeted with woollen squares (we don't use nylon as it doesn't breakdown). We will try and mark those in the grass so that they can be found easily later in the spring (if anyone has spare bamboo stakes this would be appreciated - please send a to email
Work at the entrance has commenced, a bailey bridge for access for the contractor's vehicles is up, the actual road bridge will be to the west of this. The ground has been cleared and traps to prevent silt run off into the stream put up. The contractors have replanted nearly 100 trees and about 25 toetoe. The technique seems to have been scoop up a plant with soil, trundle it to a different place and plonk it on the ground. The angles of the trees are variable and as they were in the flush of spring growth they are looking very droopy. They have now been trimmed to reduce transpiration and give them more of a chance to recover. A wet spring will help.
Next Working Bee is this Sunday, 3rd October, 9 to noon. We will work in Ramaroa, clearing around plantings within the grass. DOC have moved stiles to give volunteers access to the Ramaroa blocks as the gates will be padlocked apart from during working bees.
We look forward to seeing you this weekend, bring grubbers or shears or spades.

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