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Kāpiti should be on to a World Cup winner
6 September

Marilyn Stephens, Council candidate for the Paraparaumu Ward, says she has been approached by concerned Paraparaumu businesses regarding the lack of local planning for the rugby world cup in a year's time.
"The businesses have told me they feel the current Council is remiss in not having plans sufficiently advanced and they are really keen to work with the new Council to get progress."

Ms Stephens says planning now is crucial to ensure the Kāpiti Coast is well organised to make the most of the opportunities offered by having world cup games on our doorstep.
"By world cup time next year we will have upgraded stations and new trains to enable easy, and scenic, travel between Paraparaumu and the Stadium. This will provide a unique experience for international and national visitors.
"The rugby world cup provides a wonderful opportunity to showcase Kāpiti and give the local economy a boost. We should be making sure that businesses are an integral part of planning especially businesses in the hospitality and tourism sectors."

Ms Stephens says the challenge for the incoming Council is to show leadership in working with local businesses to encourage visitors and make their visit memorable. "We could have volunteers meeting and greeting trains, mini shuttles operating around key venues, and mardi gras type festivities based on the local market", says Ms Stephens. "These things don't need to be expensive or a cost to the Council. With the right planning, coordination and active business involvement our local economy could receive a healthy boost and we could all have a lot of fun as well."

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