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...and another sign of the times....
6 September

A day later and the vandals have struck. Still, most of the candidates KCnews spoke to took it in their stride. Doris Zuur, Jonny Best, Don Moselen and Marilyn Stephens were back out on Sunday with hammer and nails.
K (Guru) Gurunathan said it is tough and sometimes costly for candidates to see their election hoardings demolished. "But you've got to have a thick skin and a sense of humour after all it's the "silly season" and we have got to admit the hoardings are a visual pollution - especially when you see some of those faces!"
Mr Gurunathan said a few of his signs had gone missing completely.
"Street intelligence informs me that the hoarding of the popular Bollywood personality is being sought after by collectors. I appeal to them to leave it alone until after the elections. In the mean time I'll be going round to check the corner dairies to retrieve them."

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