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Kāpiti Chamber Hosts Election Debate
September 3, 2020
Kāpiti Business - The Kāpiti Chamber of Commerce is hosting the business election debate.

The Kāpiti Chamber of Commerce has announced the hosting of their triennial business debate prior to this year's election.
The Chamber is hosting what is set to be a really informative and valuable event that will feature some of the candidates running for election in the Ōtaki constituency.

Date - Wednesday 16th September 2020
Start time - 5:15 pm
Venue - Southwards Car Museum, Paraparaumu

The event will feature a panel session facilitated by Jane Stevenson of Kāpiti Law and the following panelists:
Bernard Long - Green, Ōtaki
Terisa Ngobi - Labour, Ōtaki
Tim Costley - National, Ōtaki
Wayne Grattan - ACT, Ōtaki.
Jo Hayes - National, Mana
Barbara Edmonds - Labour, Mana

The panelists will be asked a series of questions and then the floor will be open for a general Q&A session.
"Drinks and light refreshments will be included in your ticket price and we very much look forward to seeing you there."

Tickets are priced at $20 per person.

For Tickets: https://kapitichamber.org.nz/networking/event-calendar/business-debate-2020/

Jeff Arnold (added 19 weeks ago)
Why would you ask people to pay $20 to hear politicians talk about how great they are. Most people wouldn't want to listen to that for free.
Martin Frauenstein (added 19 weeks ago)
So why are the parties not in parliament excluded? If the 52nd Parliament of NZ has been raised then all parties are equal?? Yea right, some are more equal than others. I may pay $20 and ask the awkward questions from the floor. As a small business owner in Paraparaumu this organisation is obviously not for small business. How can they be? They, by their actions, have made it clear they favour the "ruling establishment".
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