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After an earthquake, Kāpiti prepares
March 9, 2020
An earthquake drill will be held on March 14, from 10.30am 12pm at the Kāpiti Community Centre.

After an earthquake, where would you go to ask for and offer help?The Wellington Region Emergency Management Office is running a free event to help you be prepared.
The earthquake scenario will take place on March 14 at Kāpiti Community Centre, one of Kāpiti's local Emergency Community Hubs. Wellington Region Emergency Management Office's Kāpiti emergency management advisor for community resilience Renee Corlett said, "In a disaster such as a big earthquake, emergency services will be dealing with the most urgent matters so the people you live nearest to will be your most immediate and ongoing source of support. "As we saw in the Canterbury earthquakes and other disasters around the world, communities naturally come together to help those in need. The hub is a place where people in your neighbourhood can support each other and work out what to do next.
"Your Community Emergency Hub is opened and run by people like you, using the skills and resources that you already have. Together Kāpiti can get through a disaster."
The earthquake scenario drill on March 14 will teach you steps you can take to be prepared together as a district.
"We look the ways the community can support each other in their time of need.
The people that come along to a drill can find out in a really practical way how the community emergency hub works and get hands on experience of solving grassroots problems in their neighbourhood, as well as joining the free sausage sizzle."
The earthquake drill will be held on March 14, from 10.30am 12pm at the Kāpiti Community Centre.
All are welcome to this fun, family friendly event.

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